Zig When They Zag

Zig When They Zag - Episode 11: Common Marketing Myths Part 2

October 16, 2020 Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring Season 1 Episode 11
Zig When They Zag
Zig When They Zag - Episode 11: Common Marketing Myths Part 2
Show Notes

More marketing myths dispelled? You got it!

See/Listen to part 1 here: https://hotdogmarketing.net/zigzags/common-marketing-myths-part-1/

In this episode, Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring take down more marketing myths that many small business owners believe. These myths can stem from not having the full picture of what's driving traffic or nurturing your leads.

Common marketing myths, and the real truths behind them:

  1. I don't need a website. We use social media. 
    1. The problem with relying heavily on social media is that you don't own any of the content on other platforms. 
    2. Using your website as a hub, and social media as just one spoke, you aren't subject to algorithm changes or app abandonment. 
  2. I have a good-looking website, I don't need to do social media. 
    1. Even with a great looking website, you need to drive traffic there. Social media, SEO, and paid ads are all great ways to do this. 
  3. Marketing and advertising are the same things. 
    1. Marketing is the big-picture of the business and how its story is told. 
    2. Advertising is just one way to market your company. 

Jessica explained the key differences between advertising and marketing companies. Advertising companies typically work on a single campaign and make a commission on ad placements you buy. At Hot Dog Marketing, we create a strategic, holistic plan for you to build your brand and grow revenues long-term.


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